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Precious Princess
    Turn your partygoers into wonderful works of art.  Your guest arrive as normal looking people but leave as an array of different animals, Flower Princesses, Butterflies, Super Heroes, Etc (you get the picture).  After being transformed into a living masterpiece gather around and say cheese.  Everyone gets to design their own picture from to keep as a souvenir of your party.  Peek-A-Boo comes dressed as a princess in full gown, tiara and all, or dressed as a clown you decide.

The Hot Air Express
Toot Toot all aboard!  Let Dandy Dan amaze your guest with his imagination and balloon artistry.  Transforming balloons into outstanding creations that are sure to have you wondering, “how did he do that”?  Great for pictures so have you cameras ready the that Kodak moment.

The Hot Air Express/ Workshop
Give your party a twist; a balloon twist that is.  Dandy Dan will teach you how to turn balloons into majestic animals, crazy hats, toys, & costumes.  Dandy Dan brings tons of balloons and plenty of pumps for everyone.  The children get to keep the balloons they twist plus a special instruction sheet just in case they forget how to twist balloons on the way home. Includes coloring sheets for all your guests.

Send In The Clowns
High energy entertainment comes with Fantastic Face Painting, Multi-Balloon Creations (not your average dog), 2-3 Interactive non-competitive games so no one feels disappointed at the end of the game, Prizes for all and the guest of honor receives a special gift of their own.

Under The Big Top
Have you ever wanted to run away with the circus?  Well now here’s your chance, well at least for two hours.  Take a journey into the majestic world of the circus.  In this unique workshop, children as well as adults learn the origin of the circus and basic circus skills.  Imagine balancing a feather on your finger, hand, elbow, chin, even your foot the possibilities are endless when you know the secret.  Juggling scarves, beanbags, any 3 objects (in theory!), Enhance your imagination through basic Pantomime, and conquer your fear of heights when you take a walk on the wild side while on top of a huge Globe or and a pair of Stilts.  Here’s your chance to experience the circus like never before up-close and personal.

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