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How does a clown distinguish himself from others in the entertainment field?  When he puts his heart into engaging audiences, children and adults alike.  Dan Evans, president of Totally Zany, LLC and an established clowning professional, does just that to ensure success for each and every performance.  The results speak for themselves, as Dan has performed at prominent venues and presented workshops on behalf of noted clients, as well as other satisfied clients from multiple sectors

Dan has taken clowning to a unique and exciting level, with no down time in any of our presentations.   Our audiences have fun largely because we have fun in brightening their lives with genuine humor.  He's apolitical yet values-oriented; he appeals to traditional as well as diverse audiences. 
At Totally Zany,LLC offer an important common element: clean humor highlighted by creative use of colors and designs.  From our costumes to makeup to props, we convey a message of enthusiasm and excitement to all.

 Evans, our company president, has an extensive professional and educational background in clowning.   A member of and active participant in industry associations, he takes what started out as an avocation to a viable entrepreneurial level.  He networks among colleagues and continually hones his skills; whether it is balloon artistry, stilt walking, juggling, conducting a clowning workshop, or any other related area.


With a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts Neyda is not your average everyday Face painter in fact I wouldn’t even call her a face painter, She’s a Pigment Decorator.
Neyda’s career as a Pigment Decorator began accidentally as a favor helping out her then boyfriend at a birthday party.  This party sparked an interest in Neyda that grew into a passion.  Since then she’s enjoyed transforming the human face, neck, arms, legs, backs, just about any paintable surface into wonderful works of art.
In conjunction with her creativity and artistic abilities Neyda is also a full time bilingual 1st and 2nd grade teacher of Spanish.  With her teaching skills and her natural zany persona she’s able to connect with children of all ages.  Although her forte is paint, it’s just one of her many talents. A graduate of Mecca Magic Clown College, she has studied the fine art of clowning.with practice, persistence, and patience Neyda learned to juggle, spin plates, walk on stilts and create balloon sculptures.  Who knows what’s next.


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